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Manufacture and Sell Headend Distribution Equipment
Orbitech Satellite sells our own, quality distribution equipment reducing your final cost because there’s no middle man! Designed and built to your needs, you get cost-effective, turnkey, one-stop shopping.

Specialize in Multiple-Unit Installation

  • Hotels/motels, hospitals/healthcare facilities, sports/fitness centers, correctional facilities, schools/colleges, more
  • Hold security clearances to work in many government and financial institutions
  • Capably install processors that encrypt signals—vital safeguards of our work

Video Surveillance
Choosing video surveillance requires a lot of consideration. Should you get a home security and surveillance system? Security cameras for your business? A wired or wireless system? Our free consultation can help you make the best decision.

Security Systems and Alarms
Burglar alarms are configured by our highly-qualified technicians assuring you peace of mind for your home or business. We teach you how to use the system and guarantee your satisfaction through an extended warranty.

Key Card and Controlled Access
Key card systems allow access to your property only by authorized individuals. They can be set up to operate at specific times and by specific persons. They allow you to have dozens or hundreds of users, each with unique code. Individuals can be added or deleted without affecting others, so they’re ideal for controlling entry and securing access.

Fire Alarms
Fire and smoke alarm systems detect the presence of fire and alert people quickly to evacuate. Ensure your valuables and loved ones are safe. Orbitech Satellite is fully licensed and trained.

Phone & Internet Systems
Secure telephone and Internet information networks make your job easier. We install the correct cables/wiring for multi-media outlets that effectively transmit for wired, wireless, or hybrid high-speed access, and ensure the best data distribution between the Internet and your computers.

Audio/Sound Systems
We offer commercial sound equipment and audio distribution amplifiers, mixers, switchers, microphones, in-ceiling speakers and system components. We’ll install a new addition to your old system or a whole new system. Our certified engineers have the knowledge and training to guide you through the pros and cons.

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